3 effective ways to attract customers to your jewellery store

A few tips to implement this fall

Tips to attract customers to a jewellery store

Yes, we all know about referrals, connections, word-of-mouth, and other community-related tactics to attract more customers to your jewellery store. But let’s think about what all of these people have in common to entice them to buy from you.

1. Go online & go mobile.

Your potential clients live in the world of technology, and they get used to receive information about a business in one click. They use their portable devices to search for locations, phone numbers and reviews about stores, services, or products. Browsing pictures is another big part of people’s time spent on a phone or tablet, and also connecting with their mates and fellows, and “liking” what others “like”. So, what are you waiting for? Be where your clients would be looking for you!

2. Offer loyalty. “Once your client, always your client“

When talking about jewellery, people usually think “loyalty, heritage, elegance, diamonds, women”. Despite the craziness of our lives, we all choose loyalty when find something or someone to be loyal to. So why not promote loyalty and keep on building your reputation? It’s a slow process that take time, but still should keep up with the times. Promote your loyalty programs online, make it user-friendly and accessible . Make customers know about your loyalty programs, or go back to Point 1 to get started.

3. Make exclusive offers.

Make your clients feel special even before they open the doors of your store. Is it their birthday, a wedding anniversary, a special occasion, or just a very happy day? Do they remember their parents’, spouses’ anniversaries? Do you keep track on these details? If yes, send them little reminders, vouchers, coupons. Make their experience unique. One of the ways to do it is to reach them on-the-go when they actually need to be reminded or to feel important. Go to #1 to be # 1.