3 Simple Reasons to Go Mobile

Going mobile will help to boost your business


Mobile devices are new computers

Technology is moving so fast that a mobile can now hold a website just as much as a computer can! A phone can give a browsing person as much information as we used to be able to get sitting down at a huge screen. But few people are ensuring that their website has been mobile optimized and that a smartphone can handle the mobile website. Here are three great reasons why jewellery websites especially should go mobile:

1. People buy gifts on their phones.

Jewellery is one of the most popular things that people buy other people as gifts, and the diamond industry woke up to this many years ago. However, what they haven’t realized is that the vast majority of people only know when their friends’ and families’ birthdays are because of their phone calendars. That means that they then will most probably use their phones to purchase the gifts. So if your website isn’t mobile friendly, then they’ll just go elsewhere.

2. Images sell.

A person is so much more likely to spend longer on a website if there are images there to capture their attention, but there is often a huge difference between images on a normal website and the images on a mobile website. If you do not make your images compatible for a smartphone, then viewers will just get frustrated, and close your tab.

3. Re-designing is fun!

Web design is something that few people can learn, and resolution size and jpegs can give people headaches. However, there are many companies, including Fancy Colors right here in Vancouver, Canada, that can help you re-think how you are going to make your website exciting and engaging for people on all devices.

There is never a better time to go mobile, and make sure that your website is being viewed on different mediums across the world.