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How to bring customers to your booth at a jewelry exhibition

When you are at a jewelry exhibition or a diamond show, it can be quite intimidating. After all, there could easily be hundreds of other people out there, all just as desperate as you to show off what they have to offer. You need to ensure that you have people coming to your booth continuously Read More >

Jewelry inventory system in the diamond industry.

  Jewelry companies and businesses know their customers inside and out, and they also know which jewelry they have available at any one time. The key thing is to bring those two pieces of information together, and help their customer find the piece of jewelry that they have been longing for all this time. The Read More >

How will you stand out at the diamond or Jewelry exhibitions?

Jewelry exhibitions can be tough things to attend. There will be tens, if not hundreds of different people, designers, and companies out there, all vying for the attention of the masses – and unless you are working hard to make yourself different and stand out, you are going to disappear in the diamonds industry. Here Read More >

Why people love Rapnet Inventory System

RAPNET inventory system “forever” If you have realised that you need to totally overhaul and update your diamond inventory system, then you are in luck, because there is one company that has completely revolutionised the way that inventory systems work. Rapnet Inventory Systems offers jewelry businesses and diamond companies the perfect inventory system that allows Read More >

3 effective ways to attract customers to your jewellery store

Yes, we all know about referrals, connections, word-of-mouth, and other community-related tactics to attract more customers to your jewellery store. But let’s think about what all of these people have in common to entice them to buy from you. 1. Go online & go mobile. Your potential clients live in the world of technology, and Read More >

Difference between mobile & responsive

  First, the good news: If you have a website then you have a site that can be accessed by any mobile device with a browser. Now, the bad: Chances that this website looks pretty crappy on mobile devices are very high too. LOOKING GOOD ONLINE: Web design for mobile devices. How does your website Read More >

Why Social Media is important for jewellery companies

Social media is all about relationships. It’s about communicating between people, a share of knowledge, connecting with those that we like and admire. That is why people absolutely love social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google plus – because it allows them to see updates and information about things that they really Read More >

When design meets innovation

Innovative, stylish and user-friendly Despite all the criticism and competition in the IT/technology world, we all can’t stop admiring Apple’s designers’ creativity and its advanced technologies. A few years ago, when iPhone 3 had been introduced to the world, we couldn’t imagine that in 5 years we’d have Siri “taking us home, calling our friends Read More >

Website is the key to attracting new customers

  If you are looking to gain new customers – and therefore more clients – then you will need to look closely at whether or not your website is offering your potential customers and clients what they want. After all, conversion of sales is not something that automatically happens as soon as someone clicks on Read More >

Beyond responsive

A new era is coming. You can feel it if you just look around. Every single person that spends money has a smartphone. Most of them don’t use computers. Because why bother? They have everything on their phones. More than that, people stop buying computers because they are happy with a phone or a tablet. Read More >

Does your website work for you?

  Your website design may have been the same for years, and you have never thought that it needed a redesign before. But if you want your website to be memorable for the millions of people that are browsing the internet, you may need to ensure that your brand representation is up to scratch, and Read More >

Why do successful companies redesign their logo?

  When you start to look online, you will find that some websites are more memorable than others. If you are running your own website, trying to increase your own online presence, you may start to wonder whether there is some branding within your design. If you look around at other websites, you will notice that Read More >

How to make your website responsive

Is there anything more frustrating than a website that is not very responsive? Studies have shown that irritation with a website that is not user friendly is the number one reason why browsing people chose to leave a website: they simply get tired to having to do all the work, and so leave. A responsive Read More >

3 Simple Reasons to Go Mobile

Technology is moving so fast that a mobile can now hold a website just as much as a computer can! A phone can give a browsing person as much information as we used to be able to get sitting down at a huge screen. But few people are ensuring that their website has been mobile optimized Read More >

Ready, Set, Redesign – 7 considerations for your website

Digital marketing is at the mercy of web design trends and technologies. As new players emerge, like mobile, ways of getting customers to visit your website, let alone take action on it is increasingly difficult to predict. The good news is that some marketing trends are fairly easy to take advantage of, provided the necessary Read More >

6 Steps to Better Leads

You see it time and time again – people come to your website consume information, like and share it, but don’t leave any direct contact information for your sales team to follow up on. By taking a closer look at what is already on your website, you can identify and use available content to generate Read More >

Looking good online

How does your website look on a smartphone? How about a tablet? Use Screenfly to test multiple devices, all in from one browser window. Imagine a world with only one mobile device manufacturer – a company that upholds rigid standards for smartphones and tablets (even some phablets and TVs too). For months at a time Read More >




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