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Apple Officially Introduced the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch

Innovative, stylish and user-friendly

Despite all the criticism and competition in the IT/technology world, we all can’t stop admiring Apple’s designers’ creativity and its advanced technologies. A few years ago, when iPhone 3 had been introduced to the world, we couldn’t imagine that in 5 years we’d have Siri “taking us home, calling our friends or typing messages for us”. In the past, when we watched science fiction movies we probably all laughed at the ideas of having small chips injected into human bodies and used as a mean of communication or navigation. We are not there yet, but we don’t laugh anymore. Because nowadays devices take us from fiction to reality.

Technologies bring us closer to that fiction movies realness or at least make us feel like we are movie stars. This is what a combination of a dreamlike design and technologies makes today.

Check this new device by Apple which will be available only next year.   https://www.apple.com/ca/watch/technology/.

The Apple Watch will most likely would be your favorite device complementing your phone and blowing your mind with its innovation, usability and design. No need to describe all its features, this information could be found on Apple’s official website. But, the fact that technologies and creativity work well together couldn’t be denied.

On top of it, Apple is one of the greatest examples of a smart, successful and vivid brands that has a strong corporate identity, reputation and recognition, but yet follows peoples’ needs and fills the innovation gap step by step.