How to bring customers to your booth at a jewelry exhibition

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When you are at a jewelry exhibition or a diamond show, it can be quite intimidating. After all, there could easily be hundreds of other people out there, all just as desperate as you to show off what they have to offer. You need to ensure that you have people coming to your booth continuously throughout the exhibition, but that can sometimes be a lot easier said than done.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in the jewelry industry at these sorts of events is that they wait for people to come to them and their stand, when in fact they should be going out to find people! Make up some beautiful and informative flyers that include your logo design and your branding, and walk around the entire jewelry show with them, giving them out to people as you pass them. They will then have a concrete reason to visit your booth, and can visit your website later on to see if there is anything there that they like the look of.

Another great way to entice people to come to your booth at a diamond exhibition is to offer people something to win. It only has to be one small piece of jewelry or a diamond that is particularly dazzling, and you will soon have people flocking to your booth to see what all the fuss is about – and how they can win! Whilst they are there, you should make sure that you talk them through absolutely everything that you offer, so as well as entering for the prize, they can be enticed to do business with you.

Jewelry shows and diamond exhibitions are the perfect place for you to network and build up new business, so do not lose out on this amazing opportunity.