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Idex Magazine
concept, design and production

In 2004 the International Diamond Exchange company
approached us with an exciting challenge – to redesign
one of diamond industry’s leading magazines.

The process

Facet by facet


IDEX magazine was falling behind the times with its design and visual style. To stay current and desirable, both the covers and editorial content had to be redesigned. The challenge was to make a highly recognized publication more valuable to its readers.


  • Revamp layout for logic and rhythm
  • Improve visual hierarchy
  • Implement consistent color palettes
  • Use conceptually engaging imagery
  • Improve text readability
  • Seamless integration of adverts and content
  • Eye-catching covers


The most notable achievement came to be the consistent and unified visual language. Improved navigation now allows the reader to always know which article they are currently on. The other user group, advertisers, also reaped the benefit of improved coordination between ads and content.

The Results – 80 issues spanning 7 years

Our favourite covers and double spreads




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