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4 reason to redesign a website for functionality

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Mobile use

Fact: 69% of internet users access the web on mobile devices. Can your website be as easily viewed on smartphones and tablets, as on desktop computers without hindering the experience? If you cannot sound a confident “yes” then you could be missing out on a huge opportunity for business. With mobile devices set to overtake fixed internet access by 2014, it's vital your website is mobile friendly.

SEO optimization

The number of customers attracted to businesses by search engines is growing exponentially. The web is so huge that it’s imperative to use a search engine to discover information. But search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! regularly change algorithms used to rank websites. While your site might have been ideally optimized three years ago, its rank will decrease if nothing has been changed since. To stay visible (that is, on the first page) your SEO efforts have to continually be reavaluated and the design and content of your website adjusted accordingly.

Little outdated is still outdated

Today, websites play a huge role in brand development. What does your website say about you as a brand? An outdated and poorly designed website translates into lost customers. If they are to become loyal friends, and champion your brand online and beyond, the website, needless to say, must be user-friendly. Among several factors, that means logical navigation and fast loading pages. If you couldn’t find what you were looking for because the links are confusing or the pages simply refuse to load swiftly, then would you hit the search engine once again and make your way to a competitor’s site instead? Probably.

New platform integration

Technologies emerge faster than seasons change, it seems. New popular social network making the headlines? Your customers constantly asking about integration with their favourite payment method? To keep your site up to date with the latest and greatest, you may need to redesign certain aspects to make it compatible and seamless. Incorporating new technology will enhance a site’s usability and effectiveness in the long run, so it pays to upgrade once in a while. Your investment will certainly pay off when you see web traffic heading your way. A website is a tool and not your offspring – attend to it accordingly.




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