Why do successful companies redesign their logo?

Reasons to change your logo design

The Evolutions of the the Company's brand and logo redesign

The Evolutions of PEPSI brand and its logo redesign


When you start to look online, you will find that some websites are more memorable than others. If you are running your own website, trying to increase your own online presence, you may start to wonder whether there is some branding within your design. If you look around at other websites, you will notice that successful companies will often re-design their logo all the time.

So why do successful companies change their logo design?

For some, they want to follow a modern trend that will mark them out as successful and popular. When people buy online, they want to know that the company that they are purchasing from has their finger on the pulse of their industry. Sometimes a symbol on their logo can look outdated, and so they decide to change it.

For others, they decide to completely change their corporate branding, from the colour of their outfits to the company name. This is a little more extreme, but it demonstrates a desire to be unique. This is especially important for jewellers, or others that work in the jewellery industry. It is important for your representation to be as different from your competitors as possible, and within the diamond industry, there is some very lazy logo design. Sometimes a company will choose to change their branding to make themselves stand out.

Successful companies alter their logos all of the time. Just do a quick Google search of old Facebook designs to see how the very best do it! If you are thinking about altering your logo design, but you are worried about keeping your old clients loyal as you make that transition, you should contact a digital agency like Fancy Colors in Vancouver.

Let the professionals help you transform your logo design into something wonderful.